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Posted on January 18, 2023



MAIN FUNCTION: Assist Nuclear Cardiology (NC) staff with Exercise Tests (GXTs) and Pharmacological Stress Tests.

RESPONSIBLE TO: Nuclear Cardiology Technical Director/Nuclear Cardiac Technologist


1) Confirm patient appointments.

- Explains NC testing procedure, per established protocol, two to three days in advance.

- Registers conformation attempts and completions, and maintains a record in a neat and organized manner.

- Works closely with NC staff to assure accuracy of NC prescriptions and Cardinal Health Pharmacy orders.

- Informs NC staff of any late changes to the schedule (notifies NC Director at home if necessary).

- Regulates schedule per NC Director’s preferences.

- Prepares NC report forms at least a day prior to testing date.

2) Assures that “IV”, Exercise and NC laboratories are orderly and equipped, and that STT is dressed professionally.

- Works closely with NC Staff to assure supplies are inventoried and ordered.

- Maintains equipment (cleans “BP cuffs”, treadmills, exam tables, and Exercise Laboratory area, etc.)

- Dressed in solid colored scrubs while working with patients.

- Wears appropriate radiation monitoring devices and returns them for processing after each monitoring period.

- Helps prepare “hazardous materials” for pick up.

3) Welcomes patient and checks identity with chart while escorting patient to “IV” room.

- Notifies NC staff when each patient is ready for their procedure.

- Helps patient with gown and locker.

Prepares Exercise Laboratory for GXT and Pharmacologic Stress Tests.

- Enters patient information into testing computer.

- Escorts patient to Locker/Restroom and Exercise Laboratory after Resting Image is completed.

- Correctly “preps” and instructs patient in a caring manner concerning stress protocol.

- Obtains Informed Consent from and notifies NC staff when ready for said stress test.

- Informs NC staff of estimated start time, suggested exercise protocol, estimated length of exercise test, and any other pertinent information.

4) While waiting for said stress test to start—

- STT should be available in the NC Laboratory and shall check the patient on a regular basis.

- Confirming patients or performing other NC responsibilities should be executed at this time at the “work station”.

5) Assists NC staff with GXT and Pharmacologic Stress Tests.

- Is available for all stress tests unless preparing another Exercise Laboratory.

- Checks blood pressure per protocol requirement.

- Records Nuclear Tracer injection time.

- Provides assistance/support throughout the remaining attentive to symptoms, ECG changes, etc…

- Oversees patient during the recovery period and recording symptoms.

- Discontinues monitoring during recovery period per NC staff.

6) Rescues patient after Stress Image is completed.

- Removes “IV” and applies pressure bandage making sure proper clotting has occurred.

- Informs patient when and how results are going to be communicated to them.

- Makes sure all questions the patient has are answered to their satisfaction.

- Checks with NC staff before the patient is released.

7) Adheres to “OSHA”, “HIPPA”, “Hazmat” and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s regulations

8) Checks to see that all equipment is turned off at the end of the workday.

9) After all assigned duties are completed as stated above, STT may seek other departments to provide assistance on a case by case basis.

10) May execute other tasks of interest on approval by NC Director and/or CCK Clinical Supervisor.

11) Authorization is secured before implementing any suggestions to established NC protocols.

12) Functions as a NC Team member according to NC Laboratory and office organizational structure.

- Prioritizes workload/tasks according to NC Director and NC staff’s requirements/requests.

- Seeks direction form NC Director when unsure of responsibilities.

- Requests “days off” or regulates daily personal schedule (i.e. leaving early) with consideration to patient load and coverage. Communicates requests to NC Director after plans are formulated.

- Notifies NC Staff when “calling in sick”.


  • High School diploma or equivalent.
  • Prefer prior Exercise Testing experience or knowledge of “ECG” techniques and BCLS certification
  • Prefer knowledge of exposure and protection against possible hazardous materials/conditions and infectious diseases.
  • Able to follow established protocols and spontaneous verbal directions with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to relate to people and situations with good judgement and integrity under changing situations.
  • Must be capable to perform these motor skills while on duty (bending, stretching, sitting, standing and walking).
  • Lifting heavy objects and assisting patients up from a sitting or lying position may be required.

Job Type: Full-time