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Posted on April 22, 2022


  • Reports to: Owner/Administrator

*** Permanent Part time Physical Therapist for Fridays, scheduled PTO and on call. Fax Resume to 225-261-7095 or e-mail ***


  • Graduate of accredited program in physical therapy with a Bachelor of Science degree or higher
  • Current and unencumbered physical therapy license
  • Member in good standing with APTA
  • Good computer skills
  • Proficient in the English language
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to work with other Central Physical Therapy team members
  • Ability to multitask

Core Responsibilities:

  • Support and Implement the mission, vision, and core values of Central Physical Therapy
  • Must relate well to adult, children and geriatric patients
  • The Physical Therapist must practice according to the Code of Ethics of the APTA
  • Must maintain at all times while working as a Physical Therapist: STANDARDS OF PRACTICE FOR PHYSICAL THERAPY HOD S06-03-09-10 (Program 32) [Amended HOD 06-03-09-10; HOD 06-99-18-22; HOD 06-96-16-31; HOD 06-91-21-25; HOD 06-85-30-56; Initial HOD 06-80-04-04; HOD 06-80-03-03] [Standard] 
  • The staff physical therapist complies with all the legal requirements of jurisdictions regulating the practice of Physical Therapy.
  • Consistently exercise discretion and judgment in the performance of job duties                                                                            

Specific Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Patient Client Management
    • Patient/Client Collaboration 
      • Within the patient/client management process, the Physical Therapist and the patient/client establish and maintain an ongoing collaborative process of decision-making that exists throughout the provision of services.
    • Initial Examination/Evaluation/Diagnosis/Prognosis
  • The Physical Therapist performs an initial examination and evaluation to establish a physical therapy diagnosis and prognosis prior to intervention. The Physical Therapist is responsible for documenting patient information within the PT scope of practice.
    • Plan of Care
  • The Physical Therapist establishes a Plan of Care and manages the needs of the patient/client based on the examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, goals, and outcomes of the planned interventions for identified impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities.
  • The Physical Therapist involves the patient/client and other appropriate persons in the planning, implementation, and assessment of the Plan of Care. The Physical Therapist, in consultation with appropriate disciplines, plans for discharge of the patient/client, taking into consideration the achievement of anticipated goals and expected outcomes, and provides for appropriate follow-up or referral.
    • Intervention
  • The Physical Therapist provides or directs and supervises the physical therapy intervention consistent with the results of the examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, and Plan of Care.
    • Re-Examination
  • The Physical Therapist re-examines the patient/client as necessary during an episode of care to evaluate progress or change in patient/client status and modifies the Plan of Care accordingly or discontinues physical therapy services.
    • Discharge/Discontinuation of Intervention
  • The Physical Therapist discharges the patient/client from physical therapy services when the anticipated goals or expected outcomes for the patient/client have been achieved. Upon discharge, the Physical Therapist notifies the billing manager for the final billing process.
  • The Physical Therapist discontinues intervention when the patient/ client is unable to continue to progress toward goals or when the Physical Therapist determines that the patient/client will no longer benefit from physical therapy. If discontinuation of services occurs, the Physical Therapist notifies the billing manager for the final billing process.
    • Communication/Coordination/Documentation
  • The Physical Therapist communicates, coordinates, and documents all aspects of patient/client management, including the results of the initial examination and evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, Plan of Care, interventions, response to interventions, re-examination, discharge/discontinuation of intervention, and other patient/client management activities.

Additional Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Educate patient/client on treatment plans, home exercise programs, home safety programs/plans, and use of therapy equipment
  • Ensure that patient's staff member is in the gym at all times
  • Perform daily review of unused and canceled therapy appointments. Contact patient/client after 2nd (second) canceled or “no show” appointment
  • Ensure that all call backs are performed to patient/clients by PTA
  • Maintain safety and infection control standards
  • Prepare and present staff in-services as directed by the Owner and/or Administrator
  • Maintain confidentiality of all patient, physician, and CRC information in accordance with HIPPA guidelines
  • Assume responsibility for continued professional growth
  • Participates in the development and implementation of programs and services
  • Prepare and present staff in-services as directed by the Owner and/or Administrator
  • Perform other related duties as designated by Owner and/or Administrator

The above statements are meant to be a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by incumbents of this job. The Staff Physical Therapist may be requested to perform job related tasks other than those stated in this description.


It is required as a condition of employment for all licensed and practicing personnel to maintain their license in good standing with the State of Louisiana licensing agency responsible for their professional license.